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This game is strangely entertaining

simple. sexy. fun


Do a dog ver pls

He already did

Deleted 172 days ago
Deleted 190 days ago

yes I am sorry I  got mixed up with another game 

I have the itch link to that if you would like 


I would like it if you dont mind!

eh, i like it, just wish we had an extended version. ahh well. good job on it anyways!




i can't download the game


Playing it online is free.  You have to buy if you Want  to download it. 


thank you

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Can you make a dog toy? owo I love your games!

Holaaa, Alguien podría decirme cómo descargarlo :’c

Es porque debes pagar


In caseanyone was confused like I was:

Yes, that cat does indeed have a penis


it's a nsfw game, what'd you expect? an empty   v o i d ? ? ?


I like the game but I can’t download it in Peru Please I want to download it :’(


Use a vpn