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A megaman-like platformer for the strawberry jam 5.

A Fox is on a mission to defeat the big bad shark daddy at his steamy bathhouse.

He'll need to jump, cum and hump his way to victory! And you're here to help him!

Or he can fail at the last minute and face the consequences

2 endings.

arrow keys to move

Z to jump

X to shoot

C to drop tail

V to full screen

Gamepad also supported.

If you ever get stuck though. Press R to restart the room.

This is more of a trial for a bigger game. But it is complete and horny. If there's a enough interest. I'll expand the Fox's adventure

The game is free.

If you pay $2 or more. You'll get a gif set of all the nsfw scenes!

Let me know if you find any bugs.

Music and sounds used from

pixel platformer music pack

8-bit SFX Pack

8-Bit Sound Pack



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sharkbathhouse ver048.zip 11 MB
sharkbathhouse ver049.zip 11 MB
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wtf is going on with the health on those other people?

pls make available for mac :( 


i love this game

It's a good game to kill time. I hope you will make more. your game is so fun !!!

Been playing this game for a while, (love it <3) but adding some submissive scenes as a game over or something would would be awesome (more work, I know, sorry) if you're already working on it, then good luck! 

what does drop tail do


So I played the game through a few times...

In general, it's great. There's a certain meta with the tails that you have to figure out, and after a certain point of powerups, you almost one-shot the boss. The actual animations get a little tiring after you see all of them, with no variation, but 


Every now and then, trying to fuck from below a soft platform or using an elevator at the corner will teleport you offscreen and you can't move. At that point, the game is soft-locked and you can't do anything anymore except restart. That's why I stopped grinding, and why you can't see me on screen. It's a little glitchy by that token. 

Anyways, thanks for the few hours of entertainment. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your games! 

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pls fix the game, there are times you glitch though the floor and get stuck, take damage for no reason , and if you get stuck after resetting, jumps don't work properly


Nice going with this! I hope to see more of this in the future.

Maybe you can post this on an 18+, account of yours to gather up more attention, so far I got the first ending, btw.

I finally got the other ending, but I did also buy the 2$ pack as well


any plans on adding some subby scene to the enemies as a gameover?


Wait so hold on, is the humping SUPPOSED to do something? or no?  Cause from the tutorial I was under the impression it gives you hearts or something and it's not doing that.


it doesn't do anything.


love the aesthetic and the gameplay so far but there is a bug that sometimes when u hump an enemy ur character just pops out of existence forever lmao


C doesnt do anything

it dose work, you just need to have a diffrent tail to drop it


Где обнова, 4мо?


Question, I see a glitch were if you down two foes and press up, there two foxes...I like it, can that be implemented into something? Just a suggestion.


This game is awesome! I love it! I love it! I love it! I am going to recommend it to a few friends. :D


it bug on room tree an the fox disspears


lots of potential, just wish that at least the controls would be optemised for 1 handed play


hell yeah this is really good! I can't wait to see what this can turn into!


Is this compatable for Android cause it looks really good!




Please! keep it making more levels! And thanks for let the game Free! I love you <3


I've played all the builds (so far) and this build is the best one yet. Most of the bugs are gone, the only one I still encounter is sometimes getting stuck when jumping on the platforms you can pass through. Keep up the good work!


What is this game made off? Is it GameMaker Studio?

Can only find the ending where I defeat the shark and he bottoms. No idea how to get the other ending, even when deliberately losing its not being triggered.

Hmm I have no idea what's going on. I downloaded the latest build and I saw the bottom ending when I played through it. 


Maybe it is because i finished the game and got the top ending first?

The only thing the game saves is your victory or loss. Nothing else, I'm confused.

is there a way to reset the game? Maybe I can get it to trigger if I reset it.

You can mess with the save files if you want. They're in the local files, that's all I'll say. Spoilers.

When I try to download it says "cannot read property 'build' of undefined"

Are you using the itch app for it? That's what the forums say is a problem.

I'm pretty sure I am... It's the application you download from the site, right?

Then download it from the itch directly instead of the app.

The reason is because you haven't specified platform. Mark it as windows and it will be runnable through the itch app.

good jam game

It soooo fun!


game is good, i played till round 80 where i can 2 shot the bigger enemies and 1 shot the smaller enemies


Hmm yes. MegaCOOM.

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Ok, besides what I said before, maybe I should also say other things.

I don't know what you exactly want from this game, but  sometimes the levels are repeated and it can make the game pretty boring, if you want to make better randomly generated levels, there you have Spelunky classic, it's free and open-source, was also made with Game Maker and the levels of the game are randomly generated maybe if you want you can learn something about it, I guess.

Other games contain pre-made rooms which you enter randomly. Rogue legacy and enter the gungeon are some examples. Spelunky also uses pre-made rooms with some obfuscation to hide it. I don't understand why this is a problem.


It really isn't a problem, it's isn't since it is not the purpose of the game, it just needs to be more polished


What does it meant to be more polish? Rub some wax on the rooms until they're shiny?


Ive found a little visual glitch, while you have a tail, if you hold Up and C at the same time, the picking up animation will reappear endlessly, i think its because the character is picking the tail you dropped everysingle frame(?), but i think this would be really easy to fix by just adding some cooldown after pressing C, i actually think its kinda funny.

I didn't expect that to happen I'll fix it soon.

that looks epic ngl


i loved the art style and gameplay, only thing that made it trully annoying to beat was in certain levels that have a lot of height if you jump you are teleported down(?) and it glitches a lot, had to reset a couple of times because of it.

Two suggestions or maybe can be seen as a requests. Is 1: make a cum scene for the animations, maybe a chance of obtaining that creature's tail or health, and 2: Is to give the enemies a scene when they defeat you, could be fun having a "Game Over screen". for each enemy, would make them a lot more unique ^-^


Finally just got both endings, and I really like it. The art style, animations, and character designs are all really good, nothing more needed in any of those departments

Some complaints that I have are; there seems to be a lot of glitches with the walls and elevators, hearts will carry over runs even if you die for some reason, and beating the shark first and then losing to him on level 20+ wont play the losing animation nor reset the level counter. Also the meta to get to the shark seems to be to go through every challenge room that comes your way otherwise you just wont be able to make it. The "endless" mode after beating the shark seems kinda pointless since you don't get anything new for your troubles. Lastly, some of the tails are objectively better/worse than the other, like the horse and wolf are easily the worst ones no questions. 

One last thing that isn't a problem with the game per say but could be better is the sex animations with the enemies. It seems kinda weird that you can just hump them endlessly, which not only seems pointless to do the first time but to do any time after after it since you've seen it already. Something that might be nice would be cum animations to end them like in oh so hero! losing animations/alt animations to each enemy would also be nice to see and add a lot of replay value. Though that's adding quite a bit of work and isn't needed at all if that isn't this games identity to you.

But yeah, this was a good time and I really hope to see more of it since this could be something exceptional.


Humping is purely for fun, it doesn't need to be more complex, the fox is already shooting his cummies on them.

I am open to thoughts on improve the tails though. I can't just read the horse is bad and not be suggest how to make it better.

To me at least, the big problem is that it has no range. It's basically just a melee attack that you have to charge up. The thing about melee attacks is that typically they're up close, snappy, and quick with an option to back out quickly, but when you have to charge them it takes away that control and makes it feel clunky and annoying. This basically just means that trying to use it is more frustrating than its worth and it makes you way more prone to getting hit. Out of all that tails, it easily places first in the lack of range, something that every other tail (except rat) has. The rat tail still works since it has a unique way of attacking that while needing you to be close, acts more as a protective layer and works in its own way. Not all the enemies really work fighting close up, because some can usually hit you before the charge up animation is finished. The tanuki and shark are the best examples of this, you just don't really have a good time to attack them with the horse tail.

Also I understand not wanting to put anything in for the hump animations since it doesn't really need anything to be worth seeing. It's just that once you see them once, there's not really any incentive to see it ever again. You can go the whole game without seeing any of them except for the shark, like how on my first time playing I didn't see the instructions and just thought there was some other prerequisite for seeing them. It doesn't need anything else to make it worthwhile but it also could just be more than what it is. One way it could be is it could be a time limited chance to get either a new tail, a power up, or a health up, just some health, or nothing at all. Kinda like a luck of the draw. The caveat to that being that there's only so much time before they go away and that other enemies can hit you while humping. That could give a bit of risk-reward to it that doesn't necessarily make it overpowered but can help newcomers and incentivize the mechanic for those who have already seen the animation already. Of course that's just an idea that might not fit your vision of the game and regardless I still do like it as it is, just that I feel like it’s missing a bit of oomph.


But what can I change with the horse tail? I know the weaknesses now, but that doesn't tell me how to make it better. I honestly have no idea how to change it. Keep it a melee attack, make it a projectile? how to make it different from the ones I have already? I don't have that information.

I'm kinda keeping the humping as is really. As I already said, it's purely for fun. Fun doesn't always mean you need to get something from your actions. Would it be better if I removed it? 

Enemies do drop items, tied to tails, but very rarely. Right now it's a random tail. But I may make them exclusive to the enemies that have them. but that also means you can't get an otter tail in a level that contains no otters.

First off, there's a couple ways to fix it, but this isn't all of them. I also don't think you should change it entirely to make it a projectile like the others, uniqueness helps add more strategy to the whole game. A melee build has a lot of potential and even though I don't like it as it is, I do think it could be really good. Some ideas that you could do are; you could add a bit more reach to it, lower the charge time to it, give it an effect where it stays in place to hit the enemies a little bit after you fire it before it fades away, make it more of a risk reward type of deal where since you have to get so close it does more damage that other attacks, slightly increase rate of drops, or it could deflect shots back at the enemies if its timed right. it doesn't have to just be one of these either, you could mix and match to see what works.

Secondly, I actually did experience the enemies dropping items a couple times, and I don't really have a problem with any of that. It was merely a suggestion for an add on so you don't need to use the idea to change something that already works well enough, even if it seems a bit too rare for how short the game experience can be. I think the idea of tying tails to the animal that drops them would be cool, but that kinda plays against what animals are in it. Like I might be stupid but I don't think there's a wolf nor a horse. That would also bring to question why you can use enemy specific moves the enemies cant. Though I also think that would be a good reason to not give them away from  enemies that don't have that tail. If you end up getting an otter drop from an otter in one of the few levels you can it'll probably feel rewarding, like a "yes, I deserve this" type of deal. Though that might not be the case if you make tails only drop from the enemy

And lastly, its your game, so whatever fits your vision to it is what should be there. If that's how you want the humping mechanic to work, by all means keep it that way. Just like its in your taste to have it as a fun little add on like it is right now, it is in my taste that there should be a bit more to it. That doesn't mean you have to change it or that you even should, but rather just  a way to know what some people might be wanting out of your game. Part of the creative process for pretty much all things is knowing who and what your making it for. The game is a pretty good megaman like game with its own mechanics, but you also made it with the express intent of having its audience (you yourself are included in your audience) be gay furries who want something nsfw out of it. Otherwise there'd be no reason for it to be a a gay furry nsfw work game in the first place if that wasn't the audience you were making if for. Some people will be wanting more out of the humping animations, and some people like yourself won't. Its all about playing into what your ideal audience and you yourself want out of it. If that ideal audience and yourself don't want it then you shouldn't do it, but there will be people like myself that will come to this game hoping for a bit more there. That doesn't mean you have to cater to the audience like me, but not only should you be aware that an audience like me might exist, but that that audience has a right to be wanting something out out of any creative endeavor that ends up no being there. Which again, you don't have to play to. Me wanting more out of not only doesn't mean you have to/should add more to it, but it certainly doesn't mean you should take it away either. Sorry if this section comes across as catty and rude, looking through this again some of them feel that way.


I agree the humping is awkward and not fun, it would be nice if it at least gave a small health regen or something substantial. Every action should be rewarded or punished if there's any point to them. A better animation or short health regen or both would make the humping a reward, but other wise its just a feature that doesn't provide anything, making this a simple 2d platformer where you shoot with your dick.

I Disagree, the wolf tail is easily very strong compared to some of the others (even on level 9 is instakilling enemies), the one that shoots three bullets is second worst imo as it takes longer to charge and then fire those three shots than shooting three times would.

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will there be mac version or support?

It's ok, I played it a few minutes and it was fun, it's ok for being made by a single person, it reminds me another game called "Uin" maybe because it was also made with GameMaker, if I should suggest something, maybe it would be an option for changing the dick of the character like in your Toy gMES

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I keep glitching into walls or ceiling and getting stuck :C

Apart from buggy navigation, nice game

using elevator permanently breaks jumping mechanics


Game developing is going in wrong way i am not in pornografy sexual gaming staff but i dont know for who is this anyway good design i like the lightning and pixels thou….


I'm making it even lewder

Good luck :)


I quite like LOVE this game, and would love to see this expanded! It can be difficult, but I like that. Kinda reminds me of BoI in terms of difficulty, some runs it feels like a breeze, others it feels impossible to win, but I really do enjoy that dynamic.

 The different tails is a neat concept, some tails are great, others feel like a death sentence, but I appreciate the varieties of play-styles that come with each. The challenge rooms are also appreciated as they break-up the gameplay, focusing on platforming, rather than blasting enemies, the reward at the end of the rooms further incentivizes taking on the challenge.

The art is extremely cute and well done. The win and lose scenes in particular are very nicely animated and act as an excellent reward for winning/losing.(I like the lose scene the best~)

Some of the issues I have with the game are minor, like frequently getting stuck in the geometry of the level, another is getting used to the mechanic of floating while attacking, I thought that was a glitch at first. But other than that the game is fun and has potential, potential that I'd love to see fully realized!


Thank for the feedback. I'm currently looking into the levels and fixing the collision. Hopefully it will be more stable when the gamejam is done.

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